The Boring Company Interview Experience (2022)

Akash Kumar
4 min readJan 2, 2023


I was just randomly applying through the company career page, then ended up getting an OA from this company.

It was on a code signal platform, so this platform has designed its own general coding test to make the company work easier. It contains 4 coding questions consisting of easy to hard problems and time constraints of 70 minutes. They have a pool of questions and they randomly assign out of it. The First 2 questions are relatively simple and fourth is tricky but has less code and the third one is hard ( as far as I noticed in my previous attempts).

  1. Online Assessment:

1. Given the number add their square of every digit.
Number can be very large

2. Minimum number of moves required to sort the array
( one first and last element should be at there right place, not entire array)

3. Given bytes received in form of intervals , like if 2-4 t is the interval
given , then that mean bytes 2 , 3 , and 4 are received. the intervals might
be overlapping , hence we need to find bytes received (discarding duplicate
bytes) for each input
for example given intervals

0 - 5
2 - 7
1 - 9

the result array would be,

6 -> since its not overlapping.
2 > because 2-5 have already been received.
2 ->becuase 1-7 have already been received.

the output would be [6,2,2]

4. Say there is a number line. We want to check if we can have an interval of no blockage.
if yes record a "1", if there is a blockage, record a "0"
Input is a list of operations. There are 2 types of operation
[1,x] where we place a blockage at x (Guarantee that x has not been blocked)
[2,x,y] check if we place x-y, x-y+1, ...,x-1 on the number line with no blockages in between

Ex:[[1,1],[2,5,2],[1,5],[2,6,3]]. Return "10"
[1,1]. We put a blockage at 1
[2,5,2]. We can put 3,4 on the number line
[1,5] . We put a blockage at 5
[2,6,3]. We cannot put 3,4,5 on the number line because 5 is block

After a week I got a phone interview call invite:

2. Phone Interview:

This round is over the phone, she started with her introduction and asked what I know about the company.

I was still figuring out what to say as I have no fucking idea about this company, you can say I was not prepared, I just heard this company's name as the CEO is Elon musk and it's doing tunnel-making stuff for improving congestion. It's evident that is not enough to say, so I google quickly and read it like a historian's first page what so ever comes up. lol!

she was very principled and started speaking about the company in-depth and current projects then some HR-type questions as a follow-up.

1. Time when you were 75% through a project and realized you had the wrong goal.

2. Time when your team members were not supporting something but you pushed and went for a more optimal solution.

3.Time when you failed to meet your commitment

4. Most Favourite Project.

5. When I can start my internship and visa related stuff in last.

she said they will contact me if they are advancing my candidature. After 4 days they set up my technical round.

3. Technical Round 1:

This round lasted about 60 minutes. He started with his introduction and gave me a chance to introduce myself. He talked about my game portfolio, asked about the tech stack used and why not some other stack, and then started grinding me on my resume.

He threw a lot of counter questions about my previous company projects like

1. Difference between asynchronous and synchronous?

2. How things work in asynchronous services and why there is need ?

3. Situation where asynchronous services is needed ?

4. What is multhreading in javascript ?

5. Multithreading vs Asysnchronous ?

6. Internal working of Array , How memory assigned to it?

7. Differene between linkedlist And Array ?

8. What is Actor model in Erlang ( As I explained my DOSP project )

9. How Actors is difference from Threads in OS?

and a few more questions I don't remember, I asked a few questions last and we rounded the interview here.

Result: Waiting from Ice age ( Ghosted )!!