Tekion Corp Interview Experience- Offcampus

I had a referral for an Associate Software Engineer from Linkedin and after a month I got a call for my OA.

Online Assessment

It was a 1.5 hours MCQ + Coding test at HackerEarth. There were 2 coding questions and 10 MCQ questions related to OS, DBMS, Networking, and Aptitude.

Q1: https://leetcode.com/problems/find-the-minimum-number-of-fibonacci-numbers-whose-sum-is-k/Q2: https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/91011Q3:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yBPjBqZqm4ytdC6KrnKnp0hitJmR88C1/view

I am able to solve 2 complete and 1 partial. On the very next day, I got the call and my technical interview was scheduled.

The round lasted about 1 hour and started with my introduction ( for 5 to 7 minutes ).

He jumps to Coding questions

1. Given an unsorted array, find and remove the element after which it will be sorted.
2. In the given string, remove all duplicate words ( Handled all corner cases )

I am able to solve both of them in an optimal approach. Then he moved to some javascript and OOPS questions.

  1. What are callbacks?
  2. What is Currying in javascript?
  3. Is javascript is synchronous or asynchronous / Single-threaded or Multi-threaded?
  4. Explain Hoisting in javascript.
  5. What are callbacks?
  6. What is Currying in javascript?
  7. Is javascript is synchronous or asynchronous / Single-threaded or Multi-threaded?
  8. What is polymorphism?
  9. what are virtual functions?
  10. Difference between OOPS and Procedural Programming?
  11. What is Inheritance?

Result: Yeah… the result was positive. I received a call for my Manager round directly.

The interview is mixed with technical and HR-type Questions.

Started my long Introduction and detailed project description based on machine learning. Many cross-questions on my projects such as

1. What are the types of learning in ML?

2. What is reinforcement learning?

3. What is K- nearest neighbor?

He has given a business model scenario — How you will approach to develop a payment gateway system for any commerce website. We talked about the cart and product descriptions page and how we can optimize for boosting up the website.

Next, he asked me to explain the Binary search while coding.

Yeah that pretty much, I have included all-important points and questions I guess.

Result: After 2 months I got an offer letter.

ASE-Backend @Tekion