Postman Interview Experience | Off-campus 2020


I applied to Postman for SDE- Intern 2020 through its official website. After 10 days I got an invitation for Online Coding Test at Hackerrank.

Online Test Consist of 17 MCQ mostly based on OS, DBMS, LINUX, CN and 3 Coding questions was there

1. Recycling Cartridge2. Not remember but it based on 2 pointer concept3. File Handling QuestionFor all MCQ Question: Link

I was able to solve all questions

After 4 days I got a call from HR and scheduled my Technical Interview.

Round 2: Technical Interview — ZOOM

Started with my Introduction and my projects last about 15 min. No cross-questions.

It seems he didn’t give a dam about your project, achievement, or anything.

From this moment he started asking questions only based on networking and Database. No questions on DSA, OS, CP.

1. What is networking?2. What is HTTP and the difference between HTTPS and HTTP?3. What are the different methods for an HTTP request?4. Tell me a different type of HTTP response?5. What happens when we type the URL in the search box?6. How server software know what kind of data is requesting?7. Type of PORT for different data?8. Different between Hashing and Encryption?9. What is the Rainbow Table?10. Difference between UDP and TCP connections?11. Design a Database for Linkedin ( Different types of Tables we need)? As told I used Linkedin a lot?12. What is Indexing in the database?13. What are Triggers?14. Can HTTP be UDP Connections?15. Design an Optimal database for users so that when they search with non- primary attributes they can retrieve all data?

I answered correctly about 11 of them correctly as we are discussing after every question.

Seems they have an open role in their back end teams for an intern.

After 1 day got a mail from HR as they are not forwarding with me.

Result: Rejected




Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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