Mathworks Interview Experience- EDG Intern (2022)

As you know, now I’m pursuing my master’s in computer science ( if you don’t, now you know lol), and it’s an internship hunting period for us despite of difficult economy, we have to give it try.

I applied for Mathworks through the career page for an EDG Intern role and got the OA a few weeks later.

  1. Online Assessment: There was a choice between two category
  • Two Coding questions ( in any programming language )
  • 50 Matlab MCQ

I choose to go with the first option as the second is out of my league and the platform is Hackerrank.

I manage to solve both questions in less time and then I received a Hire Vue video Interview request. So Hire Vue is the platform with a few leadership-style questions on the screen and will record a video of our response. There will be 2 attempts for each question.

Here is some example ( as I don’t remember the exact questions)1. Tell me e situation where you handle the work pressure.

After a few weeks I got a Technical interview Invite:

2. Technical round:

The interviewer was working in the company for like last 6 months. The round lasted about 1 hour and started with my introduction ( for 10 to 15 minutes ). He started grinding on my resume and throwing the question. Tell me about this project - what you did do and why?

After 25 minutes he jump to coding, There were 2 coding questions on hackerrank and I have to code them, explain them to him and run the test cases there

DP hard is not my cup of cake and that too in a very limited time. What on earth are they expecting?

Although I know I’m rejected as they are considering only candidates who completed coding completely with the test cases. Source: seniors

Result: Ghosted! After a follow-up with HR, they sent me rejection mail lol ( as expected) !!

Hints from my mistakes:

  1. Don’t ignore the edge cases and consider them properly.
  2. Give proper LP answers ( In the STAR method ) as it really has a weightage in interviews.
  3. Don’t couch for a more straightforward approach when you know it’s wrong !! ( In my case I know it’s a DP question, but I tried using a greedy solution which is obviously wrong, It wasted a lot of time, rather than I would have invested in making a recurrence relation for my DP).

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