Learning that can change your life !!

Akash Kumar
2 min readJul 13, 2020


Story of my Teen life

Here my story begins


I was very confident about my GSOC proposal that I have submitted to The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Organisation.
But got rejected #gsoc2020 #gsoc2019

I was confident about the competitive programming skills that I have practice for more than 1 year.
But got rejected in the online coding round of companies like Google, DE-Shaw, Sharechat , Juspay, Informatica and more.

I was confident about my face to face Interview Preparation and my core subject concepts.
But rejected in On-campus companies.

Not Confident

I was not confident and not prepared in any of my Hackathon that I have participated
But won 3 Hackathons around the country.

I was not confident in any of the coding competitions that I have participated in at my university.
But won more than 4 coding competitions.

I was not confident about my team Ideas
But won prizes in tech innovation and incubation challenges.



I don’t know it is just a coincidence or not, when I am prepared then I got rejections and when I am not, something good happens to me.

Then I realize rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success and the learning that I got from rejection, it is more than my preparation.

I will keep practicing and achieve my goals.#success

This is my learning, what yours.#commentdown