Juspay Interview Experience | Internship | Oncampus 2020


Juspay is one of the largest firms in India in terms of providing Mobile payment solutions. Juspay visited our campus for hiring for an Internship. They have shortlisted around 600 students to give an online Coding Test at the Talscale Platform.

Interview Round consists of 3 rounds in on-campus and 2 round + 1 hackathon at their Juspay office-Bangalore. ( Total 6 rounds )

On-campus Rounds

Round 1: Coding Test

3 Graph-based question

1. Given the graph consist of pair and weight attached to it. Print   out the node having 
the maximum number of inorder weights. (Node having maximum sum weight ).

2. Given the graph , Print out the maximum weight Cycle of the graph.(Cycle which having maximum sum weight ).

3. Given the 2 nodes. Print the shortest path between them.(Return the array contains the path).

I was able to solve 1 complete and 1 partial and around 23 students moving to the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview

All student is given 2 coding questions and who solved it only able to give an interview.

1. Write a Program to parse the JSON format file.

2. Write a Program for basic Linux command like - mkdir, cd, pwd, cp

I was able to write a Program and given the Interview

No Introduction or anything directly he started with a Coding questions

Check the given binary tree is BST or not - solved in 5 minutes,     given a recursive approach O(n) solution

Seem to be Impressed, He started asking a question about machine learning as it is my minor

1. What is Bayes theorem, write its formula and it's the application?

2. What is the Naive Bayes Classifier and its importance?

Few questions from Operating questions like

1. TCP belongs to which OSI Layer?

2. Difference Between Thread and Process?

I was a Little nervous and giving answers taking breaks then He asks me to wait outside for the result.

After they took a few more interviews for a student and selected 2 Students for the next round.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Only 1 coding question

* Given a K sorted array, Merge them in a sorted single 1d array in the least complexity

I solved it and selected for the Final Interview at Juspay Office Bangalore with 1 other.

They have taken care of our flight tickets and hotel rooms.

2 Student is from LPU and 2 are from Chandigarh university- ( I am who wearing boat headset )

Juspay Office -1 Day Hackathon and 2 interviews round


In the Hackathon, We have to make a Rotating Cube using Typescript as per given some condition on angle and axis.

I never heard this language before and didn’t know even how to declare a variable, Somehow they are given time to learn and code. I manage to take a reference from online resources and make a cube but it’s not rotating at all.

Round 1: Technical Interview — Taken by senior Developer

Theory Question is from LinkedList, Arrays, String and Graphs, and few questions on my projects and lasts about 2 hours…

Final Round — Taken by CEO of Juspay

He asked question from the N-ary tree

He asked question from the N-ary tree

Locking and Unlocking of Resources arranged in the form of n-ary Tree
Tried Bruteforce and my Complexity
isLock() O(1)
Lock() O(N)
unLock() O(1)

I was not able to solve in the given Time limit which O(Logn) for all operations. Hence he rejected me.

There was one more round of HR but not for me.

Result: Rejected

Although I enjoyed the whole interview process and get to learn so much from it and also a free trip to Bangalore.




Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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