Completed 500 Problem at leetcode in 3 months [By Fear inside me]

  • 10 Days later — After solving around 100 easy problems, I gained some confindence and decided to move on the medium questions.
    Again able to solve very few selected standard medium questions.
  • 30 days later — Able to solve good quality of medium questions and solve medium questions in almost all different topic
  • 20 days later — After continuously solving mixed type problem ( medium and Easy ). Feeling like gamgam style, now I have a good hand on my coding skills and concept
  • 10 days later — Finally I decided to move with a Hard problem on my favorite topics like — LinkedList, DP, sliding window, etc.




Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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