Coding Questions (2021)- MyKaarma, Cred


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The first round consisted of an Online exam comprising of 2 sections, one was of MCQ’s and the other was a coding round.

Section 1: 20 MCQ on mix DS/Algo

Section 2: 3 Coding Question

Input: startTime = [1,2,3,3], endTime = [3,4,5,6], profit = [50,10,40,70]
Output: 120

Leetcode Hard: Useful Link

2. Vipul writes numbers from N to 2 on paper. Now he takes number N and strikes of all its proper divisors. Next, he does the same with the largest number that is still not stricken(i.e strikes its proper divisors ). He does this so on further number could be stricken. The task is to find the number of numbers left unstricken. (A little thought gives out the answer to be (N+1)/2)

3. Count Inversions in an array | (Using Merge Sort)

Useful Link


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Only 2 questions I got in the coding round.

Given a file with text paragraphs, print the count of unique words. (the logic should be case-insensitive)

Hint: Break using space in C++( Strtok)

2. Given a list of integers, reorder them in such a way that the even numbers come at even positions (0-based indexing), and the odd numbers come at odd position, with their relative order being the same as in the original list. If the number of even numbers is greater than odd numbers (or vice-versa), the extra ones should be at the end.

Input: [42, 24, 64, 83, 12, 6, 21, 55]Output: [42, 83, 24, 21, 64, 55, 12, 6]

Hint: Store all positions of odd,even and print accordingly.

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