Amazon Interview Experience -Offcampus 2021

I had a referral for an SDE-1 new grad from Linkedin and after 10 days I got my OA for the same.

  1. Online Assessment

There were 2 questions, one is based on the heap, and the other is on BFS. I manage to solve both.

1. You have some number of sticks with positive integer lengths. These lengths are given as an array sticks, where sticks[i] is the length of the ith stick.

After 3 months they contacted the student who manage to solve all problems ( As they are not considering 2021 grad at first as they have to give final exams this is the reason they contacted after 3 months). There are around 25 students in the informative call where they are explaining about the next interviews.

I had 2 Technical and 1 Managerial Rounds on the same day

2. Technical Round 1

The round lasted about 1 hour and started with my introduction ( for 5 to 7 minutes ).

Then she directly jumps to coding questions

1. Given an m x n board of characters and a list of strings words, return all words on the board.

After the coding questions, she asked me around 5 Amazon LP questions.

3. Technical Round 2

Starting with my Introduction and some questions on my projects and experience.

He asked 3 coding questions

Then he directly jumps to coding questions

1. DP Question: Given an array of positive integers, replace each element in the array such that the difference between adjacent elements in the array is less than or equal to a given target. We need to minimize the adjustment cost, that is the sum of differences between new and old values. 

3. Managerial Round

Lasted about 20 min

Long discussion on my projects and experience + asked few questions like

  1. What are SDLC and its type?
  2. Difference between Thread and Process?

the round ended with few Amazon LP Questions.

After this round, I got mail that I have another round after 5 days

4. Bar Raiser Round

There is 2 Interviewer ( SDEM and SDE-2 ) on the same call.

SDEM started with his introduction and asked a few LP questions. SDE-2 came and was given 1 coding question related to file handling.

Question : Given a file which consist of data in row and columns and we have to print of every row and column sum.

I was given an approach to read files in C++ and maintain 2 array sums for row and column. we also discuss many edge cases like how to determine the number of rows, columns and also dynamically create a memory for a 2d array and store it into it.

Result: After 3 days I got rejection mail.

Hints from my mistakes:

  1. Don’t ignore the edge cases and discuss them properly.
  2. Give proper LP answers ( In the STAR method ) as amazon really gives weightage to it.
  3. Don’t jump to coding directly.

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