Amazon Interview Experience (II) -Selected

You might be thinking about (II) written in the title, it’s nothing just telling that it’s my second full-time interview at Amazon( after the 6-month cool-down period). This time is for the Prime Video team.

Work Exp- 11 months full-time SDE-1 + 6 month Internship

I applied through the Amazon career site for the SDE-1 new grad role.

  1. Online Assessment

There were 2 questions, one is based on the heap, and the other is on BFS. I manage to solve both.

Adding only coding questions as OA has some more assessments too(not coding). Iam able to solve both questions in time …and my interview was scheduled.

I had 2 Technical Round on the same day

2. Technical Round 1 — By (SDE II + 1 shadower)

Held in an Amazon chime. We both started with the introduction. I covered my education, work experience, and projects…

She started asking Leadership Principles questions:

Then she quickly jumped to coding questions and first I have to explain the approach if she approved then move to code.

3. Technical Round 2 — By SDE II

Just after one hour, I had my second interview, and again with a small introduction. He explains little about the team and their project in the prime video.

He jumps to the coding questions then

We had little time left its time for mind bogglers

Here are the formality comes — >>> Leadership Principles questions 😬

Last he ask if I had any questions and the interview ends here.

4. Bar Raiser Round— By SDE III

Started with our small introduction …He is not interested it seems, and directly jumps to the coding questions

He really is not in a good mood, He is not listening properly.

Then he asks one LP question: Tell me the situation where you worked on time constraints and how you handle the situation.

Result: Selected 🥳🥳

Although I didn’t accept the offer as I have some other plans to execute and will write about them in a later post. This was one of my wonderful interview experiences with amazon.

By the time you can clap if you like and read my other interview experiences. here

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